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Strategically Positioned to Meet Your Needs In a Changing Environment

About Us


Eastern Security Corporation has the knowledge, skill and experience needed to provide you with the finest in state-of-the-art security and fire/life/safety services available today. Under the direction of Mr. Samuel J. Votta, Eastern Security Corporation has addressed the wide ranging security needs of both corporate and individual clients in a variety of environments and under a broad range of circumstances for nearly 30 years. Throughout this time we have continued to evolve to meet the challenges of today’s fast changing environment.

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Fire/Life/Safety Services Provided0%
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Premiere services provided to our clients includes:


  • Security for retail chains, industrial parks, movie theatres and shopping malls
  • Fire Safety Directors, Fire Guards, and Emergency Action Planners for commercial building, hotels and construction sites
  • Executive protection and work place security
  • Fire/Life/Safety compliance training and drills
  • Special Event security for grand openings and Black Friday sales
  • Crowd control and VIP protection for filming of a major movie motion pictures


Strategically organized to offer both the mobility and flexibility needed in many different types of security situations, Eastern Security Corporation can provide you:

  • Armed ,unarmed, uniformed or plain clothes personnel with extensive experience in a wide spectrum of security services.
  • Fire Safety Directors and Fire Guards for commercial buildings, hotels, construction sites, and other high value/high tenant venues.
  • Emergency Action Planners to ensure hazardous material safety compliance, evacuation planning & drills, and first responder liaisons to ensure the preservation of life, limb, and property.


Eastern Security Corporation provides the flexibility needed to meet both your short term and long term needs.  We will work with you in providing the right solution at the right time and the right price.  In the evolving world of security threats and responses Eastern Security Corporation will help to elevate your security, fire, life, and safety concerns.

Eastern Security Corporation is Constantly Evolving to Meet Today’s Demands

  • Customized approach to meet a client’s individual requirements
  • Direct involvement by management in all day security events and operations
  • Leading the trend on contract Fire Safety Directors and Emergency Action Planners
  • Conducting and fulfilling Federal/State/Local mandatory compliance drills and submissions


Hours of Professional Services Provided Per Week Throughout the New York Metro Area


Combined Years of Management Experience in Providing Premium Security Services


Limitless Manpower Resources Available to Meet Your Needs


Number One in Customer Satisfaction